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The FLx Catering Solution is a completely flexible offer to help organisations wanting to provide catering as part of their return to work programme but concerned about signing up to long-term contracts and fixed service levels at such an uncertain time.


As well as flexible, it’s innovative, individual and transparent – as you’d expect from the team at Talkington Bates.

Our new concept offers companies a pick'n'mix of requirements to fit their individual needs:


· Quarterly or biannual contracts


· A three, four or five day-a-week service offering with variable service levels to accommodate changing headcounts


· Fixed overhead operating costs


· Reduced service or annual closures in the summer and Christmas breaks


· Flexible payment terms



What is the minimum term I can sign up for?            

3 months


How quickly can you mobilise my service?          

 We will establish this once we’ve conducted your site survey, provisionally 2 to 4 weeks


Where will my catering staff come from?           

Depending on your location we will use our current teams on flexible contracts, along with our contracted teams, including our support team, which includes all levels, Barista’s, Chefs etc.


Which food suppliers do you use?

Both Local and National suppliers - We will support local business.


How will the charges work, and will you bill me every month?       

Yes, we will invoice monthly, with a review of period document


What Covid-19 safety procedures will you put in place?            

A detailed plan will be agreed prior to any start date conforming with Government Guidelines at the time. Our operations and company procedures have been audited by Public Health England. COVID protocols will be presented and Tool Box shared.


Do you have a payment App for contactless payments?          

Yes, both for ordering and payment. “ Lunchmate” App all food orders can be managed from the app, with inbuilt loyalty scheme, daily specials with push notifications, simply as click and collect.


Where is your CPU and what can it provide?            

London & Hertfordshire- Hospitality / Grab & Go / Cook Chill product

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