Our Ethos


We grow as a business, developing new partnerships and deepening those we have. We grow as a family, bringing new faces to the TB team. We also grow as individuals; striving to be the best versions of ourselves.


Our vision is clear;  to grow with a strong, effective team structure, supported by our dynamic identity. Through this shared vision we create a clear path for everyone and provide the best possible service to our clients!


We ensure every detail meets our exacting standards, across all aspects of our business. We  Maintain and build upon our position as a distinguished body in our industry.


Our short-line management structure ensures team members are fully committed, empowered and accountable at every level. We ensure clients are kept fully informed and have access to our Senior Management at all times.


Our ultimate aim is to exceed both our clients' and customers' expectations. We take great pride in our hard work and the positive feedback we receive.


Our team is our greatest asset. We promote open & direct communication with a supportive culture, empowering us to continually aim higher. This brings out the best in our teams and therefore our work. ​

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Talkington Bates Ltd

Ingleby Farm

Ingleby Paddocks

Enslow, Kidlington




Telephone: (01869) 350 192

Email: Sales@talkingtonbates.com

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