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The Best of TalkingtonBates in 2022!

Well, what a year 2022 has been!

As we reflect on this last year in TalkingtonBates, we’ve been pleased with all that we have accomplished even though the world has been in disarray.

Despite the backdrop of national and global events;

  • 3 Prime ministers

  • A War on European Soil

  • Energy Crisis

  • Cost of Living increases

  • And finally coming out of a crippling Pandemic

In 2022, we have managed to navigate these challenges and;

  • Grown our team with Food Develop Director Jack Wilkinson, Leslie Murray our HR partner, and Jamie Higgs as Executive hospitality chef

  • Signed worth over £1.2m in the last quarter of the year with 3 new contracts signed and has put us on our way to our Pre Covid turnover

  • Retained our ISO accreditation 9001 & 14001

  • Created some incredible employee engagement campaigns such as the healthy eating week and mental wellness initiatives

  • Retained some key contracts with our great service from our teams & delicious food

  • Attended the renewed foodie event of Taste of London to develop food innovation

  • Coffee and Vegan & smoothie bike pop-ups

  • Hebe, our nutritionist, gave Nutritional Lunch and Learns

  • Yuki produced some ‘Green shows’ pop-ups with all things Sustainability

The only way is up in 2023, we look forward to all that is to come;

  • Ready to open a brand-new contract in January 2023

  • A production CPU space planned for early 2023

  • Launching ‘Lunch and Learns’ on the cost of living and ‘Food inflation fighter’ series

  • Focus on well-being and Sustainability as we support our clients’ employees & the planet

  • Global kitchen feasts and foodie concepts

  • Earth-friendly food concept range

We are proud to have achieved some big wins this year and with the rise of food inflation and the impact of the cost of living, we are mindful to do our part in supporting customers. Whether it is sharing reducing food waste recipes or creating wellness initiatives we’ve also been taking a fresh look at how we do our sourcing. People's Sustainability and Wellness are high on our agenda for 2023.

As the landscape of the workplace evolves, we are working to make workplace hospitality a better, more productive, experience for all.

If you are looking for a boutique caterer for your workplace why not drop us a line for a chat at

Janice and I wish all of you and all your families a restful, healthy, and peaceful festive period and we look forward to a prosperous and kinder world in 2023 for us all.

Paul and Janice.


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