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Springboard’s TREK Borneo: The adventure has begun!

After setting off on Sunday afternoon from Heathrow for the Springboard 2019 Trek to Borneo, our trekkers Janice Talkington and Paul Bates have safely landed in Kota Kinabalu on Monday late afternoon. As you can see they’re in good spirits after the long flight, enjoying sampling the local Nasi Goreng!

Tuesday was spent exploring the local village of Nabalu as well as taking a warm trek to see Sabah’s highest waterfall which stands at 100m high. They will then start their ascent up Mount Kinabalu on Wednesday! It will be a 3 day hike up the mountain and through the jungle, before they arrive at the village of Dunsun Sangai where they will be helping with the School Build Project.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far; and if you haven’t done so yet but wish to show your support, please either head to to donate online


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