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McMillan Coffee Morning at TB

McMillan are here to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can, providing physical, financial and emotional support. So whatever cancer throws your way, they are right there with you.

This is why Talkington Bates organised multiple fundraising campaigns across their Head Quarter and sites to raise as much as possible towards a very worthy cause.

Thanks to the help of many, Talkington Bates are very proud to have raised a total amount of £592.32. See below how what you have helped us raised will help help people affected by cancer.

£5 a month for a year - Total £60

Could help run a small Macmillan information and support centre for 2 hours, helping people affected by cancer to find information and support.

£10 a month for a year - Total £120

Could help run our Online Community forum for over 2 hours. In this time, over 1488 people affected by cancer in the UK can give emotional and practical support to each other on anything to do with cancer.

£20 a month for a year - Total £240

Could pay for a Macmillan nurse for more than a day, helping people living with cancer and their families receive essential medical, practical and emotional support.

£50 a month for a year - Total £600

Could pay for a Macmillan social care worker or family support worker for more than a week, helping patients, family members, and carers manage the social and practical problems of living with cancer.

You can still donate here

For information, support or just someone to talk to, send them a private message, or call them Support Line free on 0808 808 00 00 (8am-8pm, 7 days a week). For other ways to contact them, please visit If their lines are closed, The Samaritans are open 24/7 on 116 123. If you are concerned about your health you must consult your doctor.

To give, fundraise or volunteer call their Supporter Care Hub on 0300 1000 200 or visit

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