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National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day is this coming Sunday 9th February, and we don’t know about you, but here in the office, we are already dreaming about our perfect pizza! So it got us thinking. What's the most popular pizza topic in the office and dare we asked...what is the opinion on pineapple on a pizza?

In February 2017, the president of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, reportedly told a group of high school students during a Q&A that he was fundamentally opposed to pineapple on pizza. He added that he would ban pineapple as a pizza topping if he could, as long as he received 30% of the under 21 vote. His off-the-cuff remark generated a flurry of media coverage and inspired those who liked and disliked Hawaiian pizza to express their opinions on social media. Celebrities shared their preferences on the matter, including Canada's prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

Panopoulos, at that point retired from the restaurant business, was called upon by some media outlets to defend his creation. Guðni later clarified that he did not have the power to ban particular toppings on pizza and would not like to live in a country where the leader could ban anything he or she did not like.

In 2014, Time magazine listed Hawaiian pizza #1 on its list of "The 13 Most Influential Pizzas of All Time".

Surveys Hawaiian was the most popular pizza in Australia in 1999, accounting for 15% of pizza sales.

So what about the office?

It turned out that an impressive 70% are in favour of adding pineapple on a pizza whilst 30% strongly disagree with it being a pizza topping.


Whether you plan on celebrating with homemade pizza, ordering delivery, picking up some carryout or enjoying an eat-in slice, chances are there’s a local deal waiting for you. Are you hungry yet?

We wouldn't end an article without a few facts of course, so here they are:

1. THE WORD PIZZA DATES BACK TO 997 CE. The word pizza dates back over a thousand years; it was first mentioned in a Latin text written in southern Italy in 997 CE.

2. AMERICA'S FIRST PIZZA PARLOR IS STILL OPERATING TODAY. The first pizza place in America was Lombardi’s in New York City. Originally opened as a grocery store, Lombardi’s started selling pizza in 1905.

3. DOGS LOVE PIZZA, TOO. Humans aren’t the only ones who love the taste of pizza: There’s even a mini pizza for dogs called the “Heaven Scent Pizza” made of flour, carrots, celery, and Parmesan cheese.

Happy National Pizza Day!


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