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New catering offer to support back to work planning

We’re delighted to start shouting about our new flexible catering offer to support businesses as they start planning the post-Covid return to the office.

The FLx Catering Solution is a completely flexible offer to help organisations wanting to provide catering as part of their return to work programme but concerned about signing up to long-term contracts and fixed service levels at such an uncertain time. As well as flexible, it’s innovative, individual and transparent – as you’d expect from the team at Talkington Bates.

Our new concept offers companies a pick n mix of requirements to fit their individual needs including:

· Quarterly or biannual contracts

· A three, four or five day-a-week service offering with variable service levels to accommodate changing headcounts

· Fixed overhead operating costs

· Reduced service or annual closures in the summer and Christmas breaks

· Flexible payment terms

Providing catering as part of the return to work programme will reduce the need for people to risk going into external food outlets while enabling the much-needed collaboration with colleagues in a safe space which they’ve missed while working from home. We’ve supported our clients through this pandemic and we will continue to do all we can to facilitate a cost-effective return to the workplace.


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