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Post-Pandemic era and a new way of work - FLx

So, now, two years later from the global shut down of the world due to the pandemic, many businesses have changed their approach to working. With the new norms of work, hybrid, remote, and flexible working are terms that appear on job ads and the language that describes our new world of work, so where do we find ourselves with workplace catering?

Whilst many have enjoyed working from home as a work life balance choice, many employees have also been keen to get back to the office. Working from the office has undeniable perks such as helping with focus, collaboration and with the social & mental health aspects of working within a team.

As a catering and hospitality services provider, we have adjusted with the times and looked deeply into how we can move with this new paradigm shift in supplying services in the workplace. Many of our customers have missed the comradery of office banter, delicious lunches, coffee and cake with colleagues. Connecting in person will always be important even if solely for better mental health reasons.

The importance of having an office is still paramount to many businesses and questions are asked by companies on how can we do things differently for a better employee engagement experience that also works within our timeframes and budgets?

We created FLx.

FLx was born to accommodate the changes in the workplace with new priorities. We created this catering service to be flexible, individual and innovative to suit individual business requirements.

The main ways FLx can provide catering services for this new world of work are;

• Quarterly or Biannual contracts

• 3, 4 or 5-day week service offering

• Variable service levels to accommodate fluctuating head counts on site

• Fixed overhead operating costs

• Flexible payment options

• Reduced operations over Summer and Christmas breaks

• Employee wellness perks with ‘add on’ packages

We, here at Talkington Bates understand how creating a welcoming, hospitable, working environment is vital to employee retention and attracting the cream of the workforce. With the term dubbed ‘The Great Resignation’ where many employees have left or switched jobs during Covid times, retaining employees has been a top priority for many business sectors. Company budgets are being directed to employee wellbeing or some moving in to plush offices to improve employee benefits as an active effort to regain equilibrium in the workforce.

FLx can be part of this package in providing for a great employee work culture within your business.

That leads us on to wellbeing, did you know that FLx has ‘add on extras’ too in their packages whereby one can book nutritionists days to include 1-2-1 sessions, or come along to a ‘Green eco event’ or even learn from a Michelin trained chef on a dedicated chef day?

We care about employee wellness and as our ethos of being a ‘human caring entity’ we truly care about how we can support you in building the best employee experience for your work place.

Why not chat to us today about your business requirements and let us show you how we can ‘Flex’ with your business and improve your workplace culture through great hospitality.

Speak to you soon!

Download our brochure here


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