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Retaining our ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 – what a way to celebrate the New Year 2022!

Before we sign off the last blog of the year, we are pleased to announce that we have retained our ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certification.

So, what are these ISO’s I hear you ask?

ISO 14001:2015 is a certification regarding Environment management and the ISO 9001:2015 is a globally recognised certification for Quality Management Systems (QMS).

After a long series of questions ranging from how we manage our business, protect the environment, to how we deal with our accounting, invoicing and dealing with customer feedback. The audit was a comprehensive assesment that sums up the nuts and bolts of how we run a more ethical, efficient and environmentally minded business.

It has been a brilliant process and we are always seeking ways to improve things consistently for a better workplace and planet and also to deliver a better service.

If you are interested in knowing more about our stance on sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance issues, you can read our full CSR report here:

Meanwhile, we wish you a fabulous, prosperous New Year, roll on 2022 and we hope to see you there!


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