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Scientists Create First Fruit Salad Tree

In an extraordinary discovery that has shaken the foundations of botany and plantae taxonomy Dr. Alfred P. Frools of Dubrie Institute Basingstoke and his intrepid team have created a Fruit Salad Tree. Whilst it has been possible for several years to successfully graft similar plant species together, it was impossible until now to connect a banana tree with a blueberry bush. But here it is, the tree stands around 20 feet tall bearing bananas, kiwi, blueberries and mango that remarkably all ripen in unison. Hailed as a “modern day duck billed platypus” the hybrid species could soon find its way into the orchards of the UK.

"We are in the early stages of understanding the cultivation of this unique hybrid species, currently seeds yielded from the fruits only grow into normal plants meaning we have to rely on cuttings like modern banana plantations”

Many have welcomed this discovery with open arms, claiming that it would help them reaching their 5-a-day goal, whilst others have challenged the scientists with their fruit choice, claiming apples should have made it onto the tree. Finally, cherry on the cake, the bark of the tree also flakes off, with the taste and texture of bran, meaning the search could finally be over for a complete breakfast in tree form. Bon appetit!


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