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Second update from Co-Founders, Paul and Janice

As parents and business owners, we are concerned about the effects of the Coronavirus on what we all treasure. We know that you will be feeling the same things too.

The ‘new norm’ is talked about daily by the Government but what does this really look like and mean to us as individuals, our families and our business partnerships? One thing is for certain, it will be an ever-changing situation as we all prepare to return to the ‘new norm’ way of living in the coming weeks/months.

For us here at Talkington Bates, we are leaning on our core values: Teamwork, Commitment, Exceed Expectation, Flexibility whilst having fun. These values have supported us during this time to reflect on our business model and has guided us in finding new ways of operating whilst meeting our client’s potential expectations and the Government Guidelines.

The client sites that we have been operating at during the past two months have been successful and the changes made to support safeguarding of the working teams haven proven to be effective. This gives us confidence as we move forward to expand our client opening strategies.

Our aim is to work with you and be part of your re-entry team supporting the move back into the office environment. The safeguarding of our mutual teams will be to the forefront, providing confidence through the new behavioral strategies that will be in place helping teams to feel safe.

This is an evolving situation, please be assured that here at Talkington Bates we remain agile and will endeavour to react to clients changes as and when they occur.

We are hoping that the expected big announcement on Sunday by the Government will give the reassurance and a tangible timeline for us all to return to work safely.

With thanks

Paul and Janice x


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