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Talkington Bates Boost Their Team

“Janice and I are delighted to welcome the re-opening of our business with a clear road map ahead over the next few months incorporating both new and existing contracts.
We have taken the opportunity to strengthen further our team and welcome Julia, Hebe and Yuki as new members to the TB fold. I know they will add innovation, value and fun to the family.
As Co-founders of a truly independent business that has 25 years’ experience of excellent food, service and people development the opportunities are abundant in a new working environment for a flexible, innovative and caring company to excel!”
- Paul Bates, Talkington Bates' Co-founder

People the heart of our business, from our customers to our clients & team members. We continuously endeavour to stay at the forefront of our industry in ways that go beyond a perfect tailored service, ensuring both we and our clients thrive in the challenges of today and tomorrow. We are excited to announce we have 3 new additions to the Talkington Bates family, each with their own unique experience and skills focusing on the customer experience, wellbeing and sustainability.

Julia Main Joins as Business Development Director

Julia is a self-confessed coffee drinking foodie with a passion for sustainable catering & animal welfare, bringing over 20 years of industry experience providing innovative first-class catering & hospitality to business and industry clients throughout the UK. Julia will be working in partnership with our operational and craft teams to ensure each contract is tailored to each site, client, and onsite team.

For both our existing and soon to be clients, Julia will be working diligently to ensure you get the maximum value from partnership with Talkington Bates.

Hebe Richardson Joins as Company Nutritionist Hebe is a registered associate nutritionist (ANutr) with the Association for Nutrition, having graduated from Kings College London in 2018 with a BSc(Hons) in Nutrition. She has extensive experience in the food industry working on projects such as building nutrition strategies, recipe development, nutritional analysis and product reformulation, as well as a genuine passion for food, leading her to win an Acorn Award in 2020. Hebe will answer your questions on how to eat well, what to chose for your lifestyle and a world of subjects related to our favourite subject – food!

You can read articles from Hebe regularly on the news section of our website:

Yuki Solle Joins as Wellbeing & Sustainability Advisor Yuki is the founder of Cultivate Life Lifestyle blog that focuses on healthy eating & eco, and money saving topics. Being a passionate foodie, and having worked in the hospitality and food sustainability environment, Yuki shares tips and hacks on how to eat well without costing the earth (or our pockets!). Growing up in a big household meant resourceful living has been a way of life. Yuki loves creating solutions for time-poor & limited-budget folk who just want to eat well. Yuki has recently published her book Forager’s Notebook on Amazon and is currently penning her next book on simple recipes to make nutrition a fun and an easy thing to integrate into our daily lives.

Yuki is based in Surrey and has held workshops, spoken in wellness events, and currently studying to be a healthy eating adviser to add to her list of wellness & eco pursuits!


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