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TB Gives back to the community

Feeling a personal responsibility to help others whilst making the world a better place, Talkington Bates‘ furry family is extending as they welcome pigs, goats, alpacas and donkeys to join Hugo the dog, Tilly the cat, as well as the horses and hens.

Local primary schools will then be invited to visit the farm, giving the children the chance to get out the classroom and learn about animals straight from the horse's mouth!

They will learn: The different types of food each species needs and how to feed them, the various shelters and habitats, general care and uses for their fur.

The donkeys have already been booked to visit a local care home this Christmas too.

Animal-assisted therapy is recognised as an occupational therapy within psychology: animals bring people together, helping people to see things with a different perspective and to cope in the most

adverse situations.

Furthermore, researches have shown that interaction with an animal can reduce anxiety and depression, decrease blood pressure and encourage relaxation!


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