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A New Years Day Message From Talkington Bates

As its New Year’s Day, and we reflect on the past year, navigating our way through the pandemic in the last two years, it is important to acknowledge how far we’ve come. We recognise that not one of us has been unaffected by the many disruptions in everyday life and how we are now stronger, more resilient, and ready for all that is in store for us in 2022.

Here are a few interesting things we have learnt from last year:

1. Communication

With inevitable changes, be it team requests, new rules, supply chain challenges, communicating well at all levels inside and outside the business has been a real key in managing change.

2. Being kind

There have been disappointments and restrictions (no one has been immune from that) and so it has been important to be kind and understanding and as the old saying goes ‘this too shall pass!’ and think in the bigger picture.

3. Tea

A funny one was in the last months of 2021; the whole world must have been drinking lots of tea as at one point, the demand for tea was consistently high, we were empathizing with our suppliers at how tea was often out of stock tea and we still giggle at that one today.

4. Being resilient and flexible

After 2021, we have learned to be super flexible on so many accounts that it has made us more prepared and ready to embrace all that is ahead with great food and good health! We created our FLx catering option to cater for flexible catering workplace requirements which has helped immensely.

Things we're looking forward to in 2022:

1. Keeping fit and healthy

This has to be the biggest priority of the world in 2022 and we will make sure we do our part in feeding teams in workplaces with a great nutritional food. We also have a good line up of nutritional pop ups and events for 2022.

2. Environment

This work is ongoing as we continue to work out our goals and projections for 2022 in sustainability. We have lined up some interesting hacks and tips for every month in 2022 and creating some bespoke solutions for better wellness and sustainability making fantastic use of some of our open spaces.

3. Our Food

Food plays such a vital part of society and not only does it sustain us, but it is vitally important for a healthy and productive life. We have plans to cook more nutritionally, create innovative ways for better productivity, socially and engagement in the workplace.

4. Keeping premises safe

Working in or out of the office has had its ups and downs in the last few years and working through that is something we have become good at and we continue to keep our spaces of a high Covid secure standard and safety comes first.

We are thrilled to be entering into 2022 as this will be our 25th year anniversary trading as Talkington Bates and it only gets better, not only have we stood the test of time, but survived through a pandemic, achieved our accreditations and so much more.

So, we step into this new year 2022 with fresh eyes, fresh innovations, in bringing better solutions and keeping our teams and customers safe, healthy and happy.

Have a happy New Year and a prosperous 2022!

Paul, Janice and all the team at Talkington Bates.


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